Sometimes, the love of going viral on the Internet surpasses everything. So much so, some might even want to drop their phones from the tallest building in the world, you know, just for the sake of seeing if that’s what it takes to earn virtual fame. Yes, a man decided to climb up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE — the tallest building in the world — and drop his phone.

YouTube page Techrax specialises in making videos that show the destruction of expensive gadgets. The group made an online video that showed a man throwing a jet black iPhone 7 plus from the 148th floor of the building, which though is not the top, but is high enough to smash any phone into pieces.

This is while there are people who are heart-broken that they cannot buy the new iPhone 7 because of the price, and are now seriously contemplating the kidney selling jokes. What is even more heartbreaking is that the vlogger narrates towards the end of the video that he could not find the phone and it is in all probability, completely destroyed by now.

Wow. We wonder why aren’t we surprised. But for those still swear by their Android phones, this could be a treat to watch.